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What Makes Headbanger’s Different?

The million dollar question: What makes Headbanger’s better than the competition? Why try your products over the others? 

Well, the answer is simple...

  • I have no overhead; I am the only person operating in the company, which means I am able to keep costs down and make all of my All natural products affordable for all of my fellow metal brothers, and average joes as well.
  • All of my beard oils are made with 100% PREMIUM and ALL NATURAL ingredients (NO Fragrance oils which are made in a lab to simulate a popular scent, for example: cherry, tobacco, leather, oak moss. NO Parabens, Silicones or Sulfates and are put into an amber glass bottle (with an easy to use dropper) to extend shelf life, recycling and offer UV protection to the precious oils inside.
  • All of my products are made to order, which will ensure freshness. I do not make my products in bulk and store them in a dusty warehouse.
  • Fast shipping; sometimes same day, Almost always next day.
  • Superior Customer Service. If you have an questions or concerns, just shoot me an email; I am very quick to respond, usually within minutes.
  • Advice. If you need any advice on how to use any beard care products, grooming etc. shoot me an email. Trust me; I know what I’m doing.

So now you know, my company is pretty rad. I look forward to your future business and I appreciate all of the support!  

Stay Metal my Friends!

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