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Top 5 Metal Bands

Enough about beards, let’s talk about the fun stuff. As it says in the “About Me” section, I am bonkers for ANYTHING heavy metal. Heavy metal is in my blood and I have been listening to it since I was a wee lad.

Here are my top 5 Metal bands, their best albums (in my opinion), and my favorite songs on those albums…

5. Tool  Aenima (Pushit)

Maynard is the smartest guy in metal and has one of the most versatile voices in metal. All of the lyrics he has written have been so ingenious. Danny Carey is a beast behind the drum kit and he is incredibly innovative. I am a huge fan of Progressive Metal, and Tool is probably the most important pioneer of that genre. 

4. Slayer- Reign in Blood (Angel of Death)

I love Tom Araya’s screeching vocals, especially in the song “Angel of Death”. Dave Lombardo is easily one of my favorite drummers, and is considered to be one of the greatest of all time. Jeff Hanneman’s (RIP) work on Raining Blood is legendary. Slayer is by far my favorite Thrash Metal band out of the BIG 4. 

3. Sepultura  Arise (Dead Embryonic Cells)

Sepultura should have definitely been included in the BIG 4 (more so than Anthrax). They are the biggest thing to come out of Brazil and I love the tribal influences that they started to incorporate into their later albums. This particular album is my favorite just because if its sheer brutality, and I love the Thrash/Death metal vibe. I have the privilege of going to School with Max Cavalera’s 2 sons, Igor and Zyon. I ran into Max and Zyon once at the mall, but was too star struck to say anything. Haha. 


2. Metallica – …And Justice for All (One)

The band that started it all for me. My first memory of any music was when I was 3 years old and my father was blasting Enter Sandman in the car while he was driving around trying to get me to fall asleep. Although this is my number 2 pick, And Justice for All is by far my favorite metal album of all time. Literally every single song on that album was a hit, and One is an absolute masterpiece of a metal song. Metallica is one the most important Metal bands of all time (pretty close 2nd to Black Sabbath which started the genre). James Hetfield is definitely in my top 10 most favorite guitarists of all time.

1.  Pantera- Far Beyond Driven (5 Minutes Alone) 

This was the most badass band on the planet; HANDS DOWN. I started with Cowboys from Hell and the first time I heard it in the 7th grade, it sent chills down my spine and I was hooked, as I ventured further and further into their catalogue, Every single album just seemed to get heavier and heavier; The guitar solos, drum work, singing, EVERYHING. Vulgar Display of Power is considered their best work, but I beg to differ. Literally every song on the Far Beyond Driven Album was pure gold and every song gave me goosebumps. Dimebag Darrell’s guitars sounded like a chainsaw buzzing through the air on this record, and Vinnie Paul’s technical drumming skills really lifted this album to crazy heights. Dimebag and Vinnie will forever go down as my favorite Metal Musicians of all time. RIP ABBOTT Brothers. 

So there it is; my Top 5 Metal bands of all time. What are yours? Sound off below, I would love to see everyone’s opinions. Who knows, maybe I will find some bands that I have never heard of before. I am always on the lookout for new bands to checkout. 

Stay Metal my Friends! 

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One thought on “Top 5 Metal Bands

  1. GLEN says:

    PANTERA and METALLICA are my two favorite metal bands as well.. “5 MINUTES ALONE” is my absolute favorite by PANTERA. I have replayed that song over and over for an hour! Choosing a favorite from METALLICA is much much harder for me. I’ve really been dig’n “NOW THAT WERE DEAD” from the “HARDWIRED… to SELF-DESTRUCT” album. I think the “BLACK” album is a masterpiece, but they have many. The biggest “flop” album imo is “ST. ANGER”. I don’t really have a 3rd, 4th and 5th place. PANTERA easily takes the top spot in regards to sheer intensity imo. From a broader perspective i’d have to give it to METALLICA though. I also agree BLACK SABBATH may be deemed the god-fathers of metal, but i think METALLICA are the kings of metal in the scope of things. METALLICA imo expanded on what SABBATH started and should have been. I’m not a huge fan of SABBATH. They have some good stuff but the departure of OZZY was their demise. On a side note, I think ZAKK WYLDE is spectacular.

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