My Morning Routine

If you want to keep a healthy, well-groomed beard, you have to be on top of it every day; this means incorporating a simple morning routine to maintain the animal living on your face. It’s a fairly simple routine, but be sure to add on another 5 minutes onto your already tedious and repetitive morning routine.

1. Apply Beard Oil.

To keep your beard shiny, moisturized and stronger than ever, it’s always important to feed the best a healthy dose of Beard Oil. All you do is squeeze about a dime sized amount into your hand, rub between both hands and start massaging into your beard and skin underneath

2. Comb Your Beard.

Comb in a downward motion working your way; side to side. Make you work slowly, as at times your beard hair CAN get tangled in the comb and cause discomfort. Combing your beard does include some great benefits:

  • Your comb will assist in distributing your beard oil evenly throughout your beard.
  • It stimulates your hair follicles, increasing blood flow to your face and assist with beard growth.
  • Activates the sebaceous gland, which produces sebum (scalp’s natural oil) to assist with keeping your beard and scalp moisturized.

3. Brush Your Beard.

After you are done combing your hair, now it’s time to style/flatten your beard hair. Just work side to side, brushing with a downward motion to style/flatten your beard. Brushing your beard is just as important as combing and they both offer the same benefits and adds the additional benefit of styling.

2. Take Your Vitamins.

After you are done getting “sexified”, it’s time to take care of your body. I always keep an all natural men’s multivitamin and Biotin on hand to keep my body, skin and hair healthy and strong.


If you follow these steps, it should only add on maybe another 5 minutes onto your normal morning routine. If you ask me, the extra time and effort is worth it so that you can keep rocking that kickass beard year round.

Stay metal my friends!

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