Austin - dark

A Bearded Metalhead is Born.

Greetings my brothers! I was born in Phoenix, AZ in 1992 (what a great year for Metal); the youngest of 5! My father first introduced me to the amazing world of Metal at the early age of 3. The very first song I remember listening to was Enter Sandman by Metallica as my dad was blasting it in the truck while driving around hoping I would fall asleep. Since then, I dove into the world of metal, listening to anything and everything. From Metallica, Sepultura, Slayer and then onto the greatest and most kickass metal band of all time: PANTERA.  Metal has had such a positive influence in my life, so I decided to base my entire company around Heavy Metal and helping out my fellow Headbanger’s (oh and regular people too).

I started growing a beard the summer of 2013 and since then have fallen in love with the lifestyle. I decided to start making my own all natural beard care products because there had been many products on the market that I had tried that claimed to be all natural but included ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, and cost an arm and a leg just to maintain facial hair. I have done a ton of research over the years and through trial and error, I believe I have come up with a superior product at an affordable price. I just wanted to share my knowledge with the world and keep the beardman’s culture alive!  

Stay Metal my friends!
Austin Peden, Owner