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5 Metal/Rock bands to start paying attention to

These are the top 5 bands that are starting to catch some steam, and are (in my opinion) the top bands to watch out for in the next few years.


Incite has been around for awhile in the thrash and groove metal scene; since 2004 to be exact. Incite is fronted by Richie Cavalera; a Phoenix, AZ native just like me. I first heard about Incite actually almost right after I found out about Sepultura back when I was a Junior in high school when their first album “The Slaughter” was just put out. I remember I was talking to my brother in law and attempting to get him interested in the majesty that is Sepultura, and my sister actually brought up that she went to school with Richie here in Phoenix, and that he was too in a band, so I decided to check out them out. Right out of the gate, I loved Incite because Richie had vocal qualities similar to his father, Max Cavalera and their playing was just fast and brutal.

They are really starting to pick up steam now, going on a US tour and have done many European tours throughout the years supporting Soulfly (another amazing Max Cavalera made band). They currently have a new album in the works and if you are fan of thrash and groove metal, you really should give them a listen.

Pop Evil

I actually have only discovered Pop Evil just recently. Too be honest, I have heard a few songs that have a great groove and rock pretty well, but a lot of songs I felt were a bit too “poppy”. BUT, their latest album “Pop Evil” shows them getting a lot heavier (which with Leigh Kakaty’s vocals and Hayley Cramer’s drumming, they should be doing). I especially enjoy the song “Waking Lions”; extremely uplifting. I think their songwriting and musical talent has gotten a lot better, and I think they have finally found their stride.


I have been a huge Seether fan since their first album in 2002. In fact, my favorite album is actually their “One Cold Night” live album. Shaun Morgan (Seether), Brent Smith (Shinedown) and Aaron Lewis (Staind) are definitely in my top 5 favorite rock singers of all time. I felt that Seether’s past couple albums have been a little “poppy”, but their latest album “Poison the Parish” had them returning to their former selves and actually sounded darker than usual.

I actually watched an interview he did where he stated that the record company had been trying to steer them closer to alternative rock such as the band Imagine Dragons to garner more fans. He was tired of being bossed around with his music, so they went back to what did before. I applaud him for sticking to his guns.

Greta Van Fleet

Not metal whatsoever, HOWEVER, I think I nice resurgence of Classic Rock should definitely happen. It was so refreshing listening to this band on the radio while I was at work. I literally thought there was a mistake that they were playing Classic Rock when I was listening to a hard rock station. These are young guys, but they play and sound like they’ve been doing this for years. I would describe the singer as a VERY strong Robert Plant with a little Geddy Lee thrown in. Robert Plant has even stated that this is currently his favorite band to listen to right now and loves the similarities with their singing style.

Classic Rock was one of the first music genres I ever got into, and In my opinion, Led Zeppelin is greatest band to ever exist; PERIOD. Give it a few years, and this band will be on top of the Rock charts. I GUARANTEE it.

Alien Weaponry

Oh my lanta, this band murders. I actually just discovered them on my Spotify  randomly and haven’t been able to stop listening. These dudes hail from New Zealand and aren’t even adults yet;  their ages range from 15-17 years old. These kids have a crazy amount of talent its crazy and as stated above and in my other blog, Sepultura is one of my favorite metal bands of all time. This band definitely takes influences from them (especially from their Roots album)in terms of incorporating tribal elements into their music.  Their song “Kai Tangata” talks about a famous battle between 2 Maori tribes in the 1800’s and is by far my favorite song. These young metal heads have a huge future ahead of them and are definitely my favorite band at the moment. Maori Metal is BADASS!

So what do you think of my list? What are your favorite bands right now? Sound off below!

Stay Metal my friends!

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